What, like you never primed your kitchen floor with no shoes on.

Two things remain in the Great Kitchen Redo: 1) tile the backsplash, and 2) paint the floor. If you would read those two items aloud in your best Mr. Miyagi voice, Daniel-san, I would appreciate it.*

Despite a valiant effort and a near-foolproof plan, Evany and I were not able to secure 2 boxes of overstock Heath Tile for the backsplash. Evany and her intrepid boyfriend Marco trekked out to Sausalito on Saturday to see what they could find, and after several fruitless (but hilarious) phone conferences, we had to give up. It's probably for the best, considering that if they had found something, Evany was instructed by the Heathens (!) to swaddle each individual tile in bubble wrap, then ship them to me via UPS. I could probably tile my backsplash in Swarovski crystals for fewer dollars.

So while I think up Tile Plan B, which includes finding somewhere, anywhere, in the continental US that carries 2" x 6" tile (WHY? WHY DON'T YOU HAVE ANY, MONROE?), I'll be over here painting the floor and scouring your town for ceramic tile. Let me know if you find any down at the local quarry.

*Crane pose optional.

AuthorAB Chao