This picture features 2" x 6" tile.

From doorsixteens photostream From doorsixteen's photostream

I cannot, despite much garment-rending, decide between this size tile and 2" x 8" for the backsplash of my dreams. If I could find a picture of 2 x 8 tile besides the one that's in my head, I would show it to you. As it is, I'm not sure if the above tile is 2 x 6 at all -- I just took a guess. Regardless, I am interested in the kind of instant gratification that Flickr and Twitter can't give me, as much as I love both of them. So I'm starting this baby back up on a trial basis. Hi!

Which tile would you pick?

Update: I just found this picture, which states that the tile is 2" x 8". Isn't it the same tile as in the original picture I posted? Is it possible that I wanted 2" x 8" all along and was just too stupid to realize it? This could change everything!

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