The burlap shades have been shunted to the side for the time being. I can't decide on a trim fabric or color, and it's making me upset. So I'm putting them on hold. It's ok, though, because I've decided that our bedroom must be painted now, now, now. This is all Abigail Ahern's fault. She paints lots of her walls this gorgeous chalky black blue gray color that I have fallen in love with, and now I must have it somewhere in my house. The bedroom -- which hasn't been painted since before we moved into this house -- wins.


I am not happy with this bedroom for many reasons. First of all, because the curtains don't cover the edge of my window trim, which is a most egregious error committed by my husband when he measured the curtain rods. But most of all, because of that dumb Ikea locker in the corner. It holds our TiVo and DVD player and other technology, and every day when I see it I am filled with rage. The locker is cute -- on your porch, in your hall, in your bathroom. Not in my bedroom. I want it out. The new walls will help me with this problem, I'm sure of it.

This is the color:


Whee! Just looking at it makes me happy. And the name! Down Pipe. That's right. It's awesome and dirty at the same time.

Watch this space.
AuthorAB Chao