I just saw cute Morgan's oven, TV, paint dilemma on her site, and remembered: hey, we need a new stove too. So I thought, well maybe I can sell this (awesome, antique, perfectly-working) thing with my Internet powers. I only use my powers for good, people!

Perhaps you would like a picture.


Chao Kitchen before and after
Photo right: Lori Andrews

The stove is a Chambers Model 90C, and from what I can tell, it dates from 1950 - 1955. It belonged to the previous owner's grandmother. All burners, the well and the oven work. The lever that controls the broiler does not work, but could be easily repaired. (Manuals are available for download).

I would like it if prospective buyers lived within driving distance. That is because the stove weighs approximately 36 million pounds. Make an offer in the comments or email me at abchao at hashai dot com.

The end!
AuthorAB Chao