Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to announce that delurking day was a success. So many of you wrote to introduce yourselves and/or ask questions! Thank you. It made me very happy. As a reward, please enjoy this picture of my brother helping to paint the garage floor.


I cannot believe how many of you came from either Pamie or TWoP. Worlds collide! Anyway, I am off to the exciting land of Salt Lake City, Utah tomorrow morning for Alt Summit -- where I will rain down mighty design awesomeness on all who dare pass before me -- but I thought I would answer a few questions before I go. This shenanigan will definitely have to be a multi-part thing, so stay tuned. Here goes:

Lauren asked:
If you had to wear a single outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would wear a striped bateau top, cropped skinny jeans, and Jack Purcell Converse. This is basically my uniform, Lauren. I don't think I could choose anything else.

Pamela asked:
Do you think it’s possible to develop a sense of style later in life, or do you have to be born with one? I seem to be missing the oh-so important fashionista gene, and lately, that’s been making me sad. When I want to make myself or my surroundings look pretty, I basically have to copy what I see on television or in magazines, or mimic what the cute girls at work are wearing. Any tips for cultivating a stronger sense of personal style at a (somewhat) advanced age?

I'm no expert, but I think it's definitely possible to develop a sense of style. We're kind of all mimicking each other anyway, right? I mean, that's what I do – look at awesome rooms or outfits and then re-interpret them with what I have available to me. My advice would just be to immerse yourself in whatever -ista scene you are interested in, then fake it until you make it. Be bold. You can do it! I am Bela Karolyi!

Anna @ D16 asked:
Did Mad get mad (heh) at all when you did her bedroom makeover on the sly? Because I would have FREAKED OUT if my mother had touched all of my stuff when I was a teenager.
Was I just a really paranoid, bad kid?

She did not get mad at all. I think she was too young to be in the “don't touch my things!” phase of her life – if we had done it just a year or two later, I could see that happening. The redesign of her room has been amazing in that it really stands up, both to time and to teenagers with Cheetos and glitter blush.

Nat asked:
What do you do for a living?

Well, Nat, it's very exciting. I am a writer for a telecommunications company. I handle internal communications, so if you recently got an awesome Employee News update, you're welcome.

Phoebe asked:
What is your favorite accessory for Hank?

Hank has many accessories, but I would have to say my favorite one is his bright red bandanna. Or as he prefers to call it, his ascot. I am really, really tempted to have him a little jacket made like this, but I am afraid it would break his spirit.

Kristina asked:
What were you like as a kid?

I was a lot like I am now: overly hyper, overly enthusiastic, overly spazzy. Back then I channeled all of my excess energy into gymnastics (state champ, what what!), and I read a lot of books. I was also very, very tiny, like the kind of tiny where you are still wearing a kid's size 10 in high school.

Becca asked:
Real Simple tells me I should try painting my bedroom a jewel tone. I am thinking a peacock blue. Is this a good idea or a bad idea? I get good light in there and the trim is white. My bed is dark gray/black (matte) and new so I am not really interested in ditching it. Other than that, furniture and accessories are pretty flexible.

You should absolutely paint it peacock blue, if that is a color that makes you happy and you love it. People always say, “If I hate it I can always paint over it,” like it's no big deal, but let's face it: painting is a pain in the ass. So get a sample and live with it on the wall for a few days. If you still love it, go for it! I love peacock blue myself, and it would be TRULY amazing in a high-gloss finish (this requires a professional). All of your things – trim, bed, etc. – will look great with it. Get one bright red or yellow accessory!

Megan asked:
I ran a 5k last year and then kind of stopped, but I really want to get back into it. How did you initially get into running and how do you stay so dedicated to it? Do you have a preplanned schedule? Do you sign up for races to keep you motivated?

I got into running a couple of years ago because I was pushing maximum density and I couldn't stop smoking. Running is really good for remedying both of those problems. I stay dedicated by having someone (my husband) to run with so I always have to be accountable, and by signing up for race after race. If you are paying that much money to do something, you damn well better do it. Plus, it's an excuse to take fun vacations: after the NOLA half we are going to sign up for a race on the beach somewhere.

Stacey asked:
How do you think the Saints will do 2011-12?

I think the Saints will ROCK 2011-2012. They don't have the pressure of “Two Dat” on them anymore, and also, my boyfriend Drew Brees told me so. Who dat!

Kate F. asked:
How does it feel to be the nexus between the funny TWoP-type interwebs and the pretty, designy ones?

It feels weird, but right. It feels snarky, but pretty. It feels Bunting, but Loechner. It feels cheesy, but awesome.

And finally, Bethany asked:
Can you and Pamie post more videos of you guys together? They’re great.

Bethany, I invite you to watch this video of me and Pamie playing ping-pong. I think you'll find it ridiculous in all the right ways.

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