My darlings, I have returned from the land of snow and ice (and Mormons). I couldn't have asked for a better Alt Summit experience if I had dreamed it up myself. I am simultaneously super-energized and inspirationalized, but also OH MY GOD SO TIRED. Being awesome for three days straight is hard, y'all. All of the fabulous things I was a part of there -- including an incident involving beer and shots of tequila -- has given me much excitement about the future of design blogs, decorating, and this very website. Also I met a ton of really cute girls with really cute outfits. And by outfits, I mean personalities. HI GIRLS, I LOVE YOU, CALL ME.

My delightful roomie is also a fan of the headless picture. I call this photo "Two Cute Girls on A Hideous Sofa." Please note the re-use of my New Year's Eve outfit, now with added sweater. PS, Jaime has awesome hair.

The Alt ladies know how to throw a party. Actually, they know how to throw a bunch of parties at once, each with a totally different sponsor/look/whatever. My favorite one, of course, was put on by Kate Spade and the Girls With Glasses Show. Gumballs! Black and white stripes! Pink peonies! If they had added Jonathan Adler and an elephant with clothes on I would have had to lay down and die on the spot.

First of all, this is what Salt Lake City looks like when you wake up in the morning. Are you even kidding me? Ridiculous.

On Saturday afternoon, having failed to make a decision about what I wanted to do that day, I took a stroll from the hotel to one of SLC's enormous thrift stores. I was hoping to find some buried treasures, like maybe an entire set of Saarinen chairs for $50 or whatever (what?), but I did not. Whatever, Salt Lake thrifting, you lose. I was so disappointed, I had to get one of the super-cute Alt Honda drivers to take me to Sundance so I could lift my spirits with some celebrity sightings. What up, Carmen Electra.

Cute girls. I miss them all desperately.

Hello from Park City! I was obviously the hit of Sundance with that country-fried scarf on my head.

In summary: Alt is awesome, so are my new best friends, you should all go next year, do it because I said so, you look very pretty today, THE END.

AuthorAB Chao