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Thank you.

I was sitting here about to update tonight when the news of Steve Jobs's death broke on Twitter, so instead of writing something silly about all the things I love that are pink, I'll just tell y'all how Steve, and Apple, have changed my life.

I wasn't an early adopter of Apple. My parents didn't know anything about computers and we never really had them in the house (although my husband, a true stereotypical Asian, obviously had like the very first Mac). But my very first Apple computer looked like this --

-- which I bought in 1999, and with which I taught myself HTML and Photoshop. Which helped me to start a blog, ten years ago. Which helped me to launch a successful writing career, and now a business. Which leads me to this moment: typing this entry on a MacBook, creating designs on my iMac every day. Now, I am sure I could have done all of those things with other computers, but I know none of it would have been done using machines that were made like Apple made them. So thank you, Steve. I am so grateful for the work you did, and so grateful for the work you've made possible for me and so many friends, colleagues, and strangers.

Think different, y'all.

Reader Comments (2)

That laptop was the first laptop where I thought wow, a laptop can be cute! I will miss Steve's visionary ideas.
October 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMarie
I really miss that laptop! That handle was freaking HANDY. It was the last Mac I owned -- it was still working fine in 2003 -- and I have missed them ever since. One day, Steve, I will be back.
October 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterALH

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