Internet, I've been sad about my back patio screen door ever since I posted this picture way back in the early summer. A helpful commenter offered to come over and re-screen it, something I hadn't even noticed until it was mentioned. Oh, the shame! My very nice husband has replaced that screen, oh, a million times. But it always -- as we say down here -- comes a-loose, due to things like human hands and dog hands. Also, the door itself (which is original to the house and thus a million years old) needed to be re-painted and adjusted. So last weekend, we removed the door, took it apart, re-painted, re-screened, added a bar on the back side for y'all's filthy paws, and gave it some general TLC. (Also, by "we," I mean "Vince." Obvs.)

Oh. Well, hello there, hotness.

You'll also note our new (to us) picket fence, which Vince and my heroic brother put up with their bare man hands. We love it -- it offers privacy, but not too much, and now Hank can frolic in the yard without fear of becoming roadkill.

You'd like a closer look, you say? Voila:

Yay! I love it. And, as usual, I apologize about the photo quality -- I had my camera all set up and ready to go this afternoon before I realized that Hank Chao had CHEWED UP MY MEMORY CARD. He is no longer allowed to use the new door. But you are. Come over.

AuthorAB Chao