Hank would like you to know that he turned a year old this month. We don't know when his actual birthday is, so we just say "February."


Do you enjoy gratuitous pictures of dogs? I do. Hank is such a good boy. Yesterday I got him to balance a macaron on his nose for 5 minutes.


Today we are going to knock out the rest of those questions you asked me a few weeks ago.  But just a select group -- some of your questions required such long answers that I am going to post them as entries. (Part 1 is here.) Let's go!


What’s the weather like where you live? Is your house well insulated? I only ask because you have that gorgeous porchy/patioey sort of room and a really fun garage, and I wonder how much use you get out of it.
Well, it is Louisiana, so: hot and humid a lot of the time. You know that joke that seasons in the south are "Almost summer, summer, still summer, and Christmas"? That's about right. But the weather is mild for a lot of the year (like today it's 73 degrees), so we do get a ton of use out of the porch. Also, we have lots of fans. And no, our house is totally not well-insulated -- just one of the perks of living in a house built in the '40s.


The question is what ever happened to Greg Berlanti and you?
I...I can't. It's just too painful to talk about. The breakup was horrible.


Just kidding! GB and I are still great pals and we email to express our love for each other every so often. It makes me sad that I don't get to see his sweet face all the time anymore like when I was working for him, but I make sure we keep in touch. I am not exaggerating when I say he changed my life. I don't know how to express how grateful I am to him for that. Seriously, I just got kind of teary writing that sentence. (Cheesy, but awesome!)

What is your favorite thing that Vince cooks?
This is going to require a top 5. There's no way I can choose a favorite.

1. Shrimp and crab gumbo (based on my grandmother's recipe)
2. BBQ pork banh mi
3. Jambalaya (based on my friend George's recipe)
4. Ginger-chili shrimp
5. The Best Chicken Salad Ever (recipe here -- we omit the eggs, obvs)

I want to start running too. Any tips for a beginner?
Yay! I love it when people want to start running. The biggest tip I have is, start with Couch to 5K and DO NOT GIVE UP no matter what. It will hurt and suck and be hard and you will hate it, but one day, a couple months from now, you will realize that you can run 3 miles without stopping. Then, sign up for a race so you don't lose momentum. After that, sign up for another race. You will feel great about yourself and sometimes, superior to others. These are good things. Also, your legs will be super hot.

How do you get your hair to be cute 100% of the time? I can only seem to sort mine out 60-70%, and it’s annoying.
Oh, girl. Here is the dirty little secret of internet cuteness: I only post the good pictures. Today my head looks like Helena Bonham-Carter and a Pomeranian had a particularly ugly baby. This also goes for makeup. Why do you think I post so many headless pictures? So do not fret, because 60-70% sound like pretty good stats to me.

My question: Is Mad aware of how well known her parents are on the Internet?
Hmm. I'm not sure. I think she is definitely becoming more aware of it as she gets older, but she gets really kind of embarrassed when her friends tell her they read my blog and like my photos or whatever. Sometimes she'll offhandedly say stuff like, "Oh, I forgot you were so poppi on the Internet." So yes, I suppose she gets it, but I don't know that she really has a concept of  how very, very long 10 years of blogging is. On that note, let's talk about how awesome the word "poppi" is. God, I love teenagers.

Your garage post has re-inspired me to finally get on to our own makeover of a very similar space. But, what’d you do with all the stuff?
I gave 90% of it away and tossed everything else. Everything in there was either old furniture, boxes of junk, or paint cans and tools. The paint cans etc. went to the back of the garage behind the yellow doors (it all fits!) and my main man Ferrial (he is technically my housekeeper, but that word insufficiently describes his awesomeness) hauled everything else off in a truck.

Will you ever post your old blog archives again?
I will if I can find them. They are on a hard drive somewhere. Maybe. I would have to look? QUIT ASKING ME QUESTIONS!

Do you lurk on anyone else’s blog, envying them? If so, who?!
Of course! There are way too many fabulous people on the Internet these days. Lately I'm loving every last one of the people in my sidebar. (Oh, what, you thought I was going to name names? Suckers!)

I’ve seen some amazing sock monkeys on your flickr page and was wondering if you made them yourself? If so, please post more details!
I did, with some help from a friend. I used a pattern I found online by googling "sock monkey pattern." It was pretty easy, but stuffing the arms/legs is really fiddly and annoying. I would advise the use of a chopstick for this part.

Do you think about design when you run? I do, and I’m hoping I’m not the only oddball.
I think about design when I run, when I am driving home from work, when I'm in the shower, when I'm sleeping, and basically all other times of the day. You are no oddball, sister.

When can we buy your book? And how do you pronounce the name of this delightful website, anyway: hash-ay or haz-hai?
That is very nice of you to say. You can buy my book on the twentieth of never. Writing is hard, y'all!

You say hashai like this: hah-SHY. Don't be shy, go ahead and say it.

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