Sometimes when I take pictures, I ask myself, "What would 10 Cent do?" Probably something like this. Please note latest eBay acquisition, the most excellent Bertoia diamond chair.

You people have some good opinions. I was so happy to read all of them. Many of your wishes for the site were similar -- for obvious reasons, you all get really into before and after photos -- so, for your edification, I have compiled them into a cute chart. (Charts can SO be cute. I made this one at equally cute website Daytum.)

I am going to attempt to work several of these into weekly features, but I ain't telling you which ones yet. Numbers in parens indicate percentages:

It made me laugh to see how many people wanted me to bring back the Lin Chao Motherly Advice Column. (For those of you who are just joining us, the column answered reader questions in the style of my mother-in-law, who sometimes says mean things about your weight and speaks English with a Chinese accent.) Ah, memories. I don't think Lin Chao knows very much about decorating, but I would love to do an actual advice column. So, if you have a question about decorating/styling, go ahead and email me. The only catch: you have to send in a related photo with your question. This is going to be a trial-run type situation, and I will probably regret this in the morning, but let's see how it goes! Email address is in the sidebar. Subject line "Help me, AB Chao! (photo attached)".

It is supposed to be bad weather here tonight, and I know it's pretty terrible in most of the rest of the country (shut up, California), so y'all be careful out there. Or better yet, stay in and enjoy a hot toddy. I'll go first.

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