Have you ever wanted to see what Meredith and I look like together? Here you go. Mere moved to Austin a year ago from Monroe, and we spent a glorious evening of catching up last Thursday, just before I left to be all South by Southwest-y with some other awesome ladies. This was taken just after our mani/pedi session and just before we drank 8 bottles of wine. I think we look pretty good for 18. Oh, wait. I meant, I think we look pretty good for KNOWING each other since 5, and being besties since 18.

You may have noticed that you've been re-directed to a website by the name of abchao.com. It's pretty cute, isn't it? I agree. I have a nice web designer who made everything pretty. Some of it doesn't work quite yet, so please be patient. I am still learning how to use Squarespace.

I have some real exciting news coming involving new and great things in this space. Oh, what, you want me to tell you now? FINE. Here goes:


I'll give you a minute to absorb.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have left the world of the corporate cube to be a full-time decorator and lifestyle blogger. Do you want to call me an interior stylist? OK. That's fine with me. What you need to know is that, as of April 1, I will be available for online decorating consults, as well as for in-person projects. I'm going to take on one in-person client a month and up to 4 online clients a month. I'm already booked for April due to you smarties who emailed me before this announcement even happened, but if you're interested in me helping you to do something awesome with your place, please email me for rates.

I will continue to offer the free advice column for a while, so if you just need a little bit of help, please email me at abchao@gmail.com.

I want to just say that this has been a long time coming, with months of planning on the part of me and Chairman Chao, and that I would never have even THUNK of taking this leap without the support of my awesome readers. I'm so excited this is happening, and if I never see the inside of a cube wall again, it's because of you. Thank you for being so nice to me. I think of you all as my friends, and I love you all real bad.

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