Happy Monday, friends! Thank you all so much for the awesome response to my news and to the new site. Let's all go have a cheeseburger together.

A couple of technical notes:

1. All of the categories and tags should be working correctly now.

2. If you subscribed to my feed and it came up as "BLOG," (which kind of makes me laugh. BLOG.) please unsub and re-subscribe because it is probably not working properly for you. I am sorry for the glitch. Please accept these photos I took at the San Jose Hotel in Austin last week as apology. BLOG.


Chocolate plate.


Cheese plate.


House-cured olives. I accidentally ate all of these.


Bag of loveliness. Keychain of goodness. Scarf of warmness. Bangs of happiness.

I'll be back later today with an exciting new feature. Stay tuned.

AuthorAB Chao