Last week after I left you, I jumped into my car and made the 8-hour drive through Arkansas and Mississippi to somewhere outside of Nashville, where the delightful Maile was hosting a little girls' weekend.

Everything was beautiful and fun and bonding-like, and we did things like drink wine at 10 am and get into a questionably clean hot tub and take self-portraits with wine teeth.

Oh, also, there was bull-riding. And karaoke. I am not trying to brag, but I killed.

Photo by Leah

It was a great weekend. And then my car, usually so nice and reliable, got REAL MAD about the trip. It began to overheat and smoke, and I had to pull over into a random driveway in the middle of Franklin, Tennessee. (The car had actually done a similar thing the night before, but we figured it was just out of antifreeze and if we added more, everything would be fine. AMATEUR HOUR.)

Fortunately, a car full of girls was behind me, so I hopped in with them and then we rode to a grocery store parking lot where I burst into tears and cussed Vince Chao's stupid golf habit that makes him turn off his phone. My road crew rallied magnificently, though, and we decided I would rent a car, have the broken car towed to a mechanic, and spend the night in a hotel. Which I did.

Here is my new best friend and tow guy, Willie. Willie made me laugh AND let me take his picture AND got my car to the mechanic without a hitch (hee, "hitch"), so he obviously wins everything.

And then I checked myself into the best hotel ever, the Hutton, where the cool check-in girl gave me all kinds of treats after hearing my sad story. So I had my two complimentary cocktails, went up and watched SportsCenter, and fell into the sleep of the dead.

Room service coffee the next morning. WHAT, I DESERVED THAT NINE DOLLAR COFFEE.

My amazing mechanic, the baby-faced and 22-year-old Charlie, whom I found on the Internet in a frantic search for 24-hour auto repair, had my car fixed by 9 the next morning. So I returned the rental, retrieved my newly-radiatored vehicle, and drove home. The end.

Please do not miss the video of me riding the bull, as I feel it is super hilarious. Thank you.

AuthorAB Chao