As I said before, last weekend I was in New Orleans for Mom 2.0 Summit. I co-hosted an entertaining panel with the lovely and delightful Helen Jane, where we talked about quick and stylish entertaining, and demonstrated a few tips for making your snappy appetizers look real pretty for your blog. We also served wine. We also made a lot of jokes about nuts (see above).

HJ, who is much better prepared for these kinds of things than I am, has put together a little recap of the photography tips we shared, here. And if you are interested in the slideshow we used, see here. Thank you for your cooperation.

I stayed in New Orleans a few extra days to do some local-client-related work, and finally arrived home Wednesday night. But as Vince, Eliza, and I had signed up a while back for the Crescent City Classic, I found myself in the car again two days later, headed back to NOLA. Which was fine with me -- we took the opportunity to do some poolside lounging at one of my fave hotels. Like ladies (and gentlemen) of leisure.

If you have never had a Pimm's Cup poolside at the Windsor Court in New Orleans, well, I urge you to rectify that situation immediately.

These two think they're pretty fancy. We ended up not leaving the hotel at all until race time the next morning, which was also fine with me.

The race itself was exciting and crowded and hot and ended with free Abita. Our times were all terrible, but who cares? We got fun times and nice tans.

The upshot of the previous weeks of hedonism is that I now feel kind of puffy and gross, so today I am starting a week-long detox. This cleansing diet will include lots of water and tea, and things made with kale and raw almonds, and probably rage and despair.

I'll be back tomorrow with an Easter recap you won't want to miss! (Just kidding. It will mostly be pictures of crawfish.)

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