Here is what an Easter Basket for a girl teenager looks like. The basket itself must not be too cutesy or twee; candies must be of a Twix-or-higher quality -- but not too high, because that's gross; any and all forms of sparkly makeup are encouraged; feathery Mardi Gras masks optional but accepted.

After we all ate a bunch of candy and applied glitter eye shadow, my family arrived for a lovely and low-key Easter dinner: crawfish and beer on our porch. It was so easy and good that I have hereby declared it a tradition.

Of course, even a lowly crawfish dinner can be styled.

Vince Chao made his "famous" cocktail sauce. Miller made the beer.

And the Lord made the crawfish.

The weather was a little overcast, which contributed to the cozy porch-time feeling.

Good? GOOD.

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