Friends, I have exciting news. Today I am Guest Curator over at Etsy, where I dreamed up a fabulously mod party pad. Hooray! Now you say it.

In honor of this honor, I have created a spring-like roundup for y'all, made of items from Etsy. I am always into super-bright colors in small doses, but this year I am really feeling good about a more muted palette of brights. Very soothing. Very pastel. Very Easter bonnet.

Herewith, I invite you to enjoy this muted collection of Etsy beauty.


Clockwise from top left: 1. Modern Stripe Bottle Vase 2. Giclee Print 3. Double Braid Necklace 4. Wooden Pastel Eggs 5. Aedriel Originals Tapas Plates 6. Boat Fabric

In other news:

The sentence "If you look in the dictionary under 'muffin top,' you'll find Pamie" is no longer an insult. Yay, OED! (PS, I totally stole that line from one of Pam's Twitter friends. Thank you, person who is more original than I am!)

Also, your friend and mine, Sarah Bunting (aka Hateful Buntsy), is holding her yearly Donors Choose contest. Get your generous asses over there and join in the fun!

In sum: Etsy! Rainbow! Pamie! Giving! YAY.

AuthorAB Chao