As you all know, I've been working at home for the past month and a half. What you might not know is that I have been ALONE for most of that time. Alone, alone, alone. So alone that, last week when Vince ran back to the house minutes after leaving for work, he busted me having a serious conversation with Hank about the placement of our living room furniture. Y'all, I have been married to this man for over ten years, and I was embarrassed. I have never worked without people before. Several of my friends warned me to prepare for this phenomenon, most notably Meredith and Pam, who have worked solitary jobs for years and understand how important music is for one's sanity. They both sweetly gave me some music recommendations.

Pamie, of course, had to go above and beyond, and make an actual visual Pinterest board of recommendations for me. Now, I did tell her to DEWIT, but she didn't have to. And yet, she did it anyway. Her board description reads as follows:

AB Chao, who now works from home as a full-time interior decorator, sent an email asking (telling) me to send her lots of new music. She didn't like an emailed list of bands I'd been listening to. So here's a page of images and links, almost always to a free track or something to stream. You're welcome, AB! Now find me a couch!

Perhaps you will also benefit from Pam's music prowess. My favorites from this list are Charles Bradley, Candy Coated Killahz, and Slithering Beast. I never thought I would love bands with weird names like that, but I do. I am grateful for good friends, and good music. Maybe if you are feeling generous you will tell me what you love to listen to at work, also, in the comments. Yes?

PS. Mere's recommendations were for Amos Lee, Citizen Cope, and Guster. I cannot stop listening to any of them, either. The end.

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