Examples of items I would love to represent: Epiphanie bags; the San Jose in Austin; Kate Spade phone covers

OK, Chao Nation, here's the deal. Y'all have known me for a long time. And you know I am a blogger from way back, and love my readers, and would never do you wrong. So, after thinking long (LONG!) and hard (HARD!) about this, I have decided to accept advertisers/sponsors on this here Internet blog site. I know, I know. Don't be mad. Listen. Here is what I want to promote: people I love; products I love; and small businesses I am excited about. So, basically, awesomeness of all kinds. I would like to start with a sponsor-type situation in the sidebar, and go from there. And, I mean, if you are a big company who wants to give me 17 aged-brass sconces (I'm looking at you, Circa Lighting), then all the better.

Are you interested? Do you think you are right for the AB Chao family? Email me for a press kit and/or rates.

PS. If you call me a sell-out, we are DONE.


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