Y'all remember my kitchen, right? It's all white? I painted all of it myself? I feel pretty awesome about that, two years later? Here's a refresher:

Photo by Lori Andrews

Those arrows you see represent my problem: I am finally ready to put something on the windows. I have filled the shelves, I have bought a rug, I have removed the table in anticipation of the banquette that someone will build me soon. And yet: the windows. The one over the sink becomes a black hole of scariness at night, and the one with the bamboo shades makes me say profanity every day that I have to roll those assholes up and down.

But the reason it has taken me so long to decide what to do is that I had no IDEA what I wanted. I see pictures of gorgeous interiors and fabrics on a daily basis, and I still couldn't pick out anything I really loved. So one day, I just thought, EFF THIS, I am going to pick something out. And while I...didn't, I was able to narrow it down.

I went to just one fabric website, chose a few swatches I liked, and pasted them into Photoshop. When I was done, I was left with something like this:

All fabrics by Quadrille

I learned several things from this exercise, most of which will be obvious to you:

1. I am still not over Ikat;

2. For this project, I favor large patterns over small;

3. I want a blowsy floral or toile as opposed to a rigid geometric design; and

4. Whatever I choose, it better have pink or orange in it.

So, even though I haven't made a decision yet, I now have a general direction. And that, lovers, is better than no direction at all.

If you have any favorite fabrics to recommend that meet these criteria, I'm all ears.

AuthorAB Chao