Internet, I have tried to update this durn site every afternoon this week, after I've finished my client work. And every afternoon this week, my dumb service has gone down. It's like they're TRYING TO KEEP US APART.

So we're going to get this joint jumping earlier in the day for a little while. We'll show them!

Anyway. Here's what's going on:

1. Tomorrow I am going on a road trip with Pam, to the Mighty Summit. Yes, yes, we're only driving from the SFO airport to some nearby place in California, and yes, the drive is only two hours long. But do you know how much trouble Pamie and I can get up to in two hours? A LOT. I'm basically picturing us like Thelma & Louise, only super-concentrated. Like when you lick the frozen lemonade can before it's been diluted with water and your mouth goes all puckery. But fear not! I will return on Tuesday with many pictures and stories for your enjoyment and edification.

2. In honor of the summit, which was invented by the really very fabulous Maggie Mason, I am going to do something she's been asking me to do for months, and that is make a video of how to tie a turban-type scarf on your head. Now, before I show you this, I'll have you know that a) I have not washed my hair in several days, one of the dangers we work-at-homers face on the reg, b) I ain't got on no makeup, and c) this is my first time using iMovie, which will become obvious to you in about five seconds. So if you can forgive those things, as well as the dumb yappy dog barking in the background, I think this will be quite educational for you. Oh, also also, it's kind of long and includes some bloopers, but since I am not a professional internet videographer, you are just going to have to find some way to go on.

Enjoy! I'll see you jags on the flip. Practice your scarf-tying while I'm gone. This is for you, Maggie sis.

How To Tie A Turban-like Scarf In Your Hair from ab chao on Vimeo.