Welcome to the first installment of Ask AB! I think I have, like, sixty-something questions to work through, so here are the first...three. Yeah. This is going to take a while. Anyway, please enjoy this small sampling. There's more to come. Much, much more.

Elizabeth asks:

You mentioned at the Austin camp that you were contemplating making an iced coffee how-to video, or did I dream that?

Yes, Elizabeth, I did mention that. And I'd like to show you this video to illustrate why it has taken so long.

There are a lot like this. A WHOLE LOT. (But yes, it's coming soon, and it is sure to be as entertaining as it is educational.)


Amy asks:

Is it OK to hate throw pillows? I mean, I love how they look, but hate sitting on a chair with them so they always end up in a pile on an unused chair. I just want to get rid of them. But chairs/couches need some oomph so should I just get over it?! UGH.

Lots of people hate throw pillows, Amy. They are not really comfortable for leaning against or sitting near. So, in the words of the inimitable Caity Weaver: THATZ OKAY.

One thing you can do to make your throw pillows not so annoying, though, is to change out any poly-fill inserts to down inserts. Your pillows will be squishier and so much nicer to lean against. Also, they will have a better shape AND down inserts respond really well to the decorator karate chop. You know, like this:

Photo: Jamie Meares, who has been killing it lately, BTW.


Teresa asks:

You and Lori Andrews (The 10 Cent Designer) seem to be experts in the effortless looking shirt partial-tuck. Do you have any basic guidelines to determine where to tuck or how much of the tail should be tucked? This seems like a very dumb question I'm sure, but I always feel disheveled or sloppy when I try it.

I am a fan of the half-tuck, but I think it only really works for super-casual outfits. My method involves a) doing it only with t-shirts, b) while wearing a belt, and c) only tucking a little bit. If you go too crazy -- like tucking in only one side of a button-down -- it can look weird and dumb.

Perhaps Miss Lori can add to this in the comments -- she is the real expert. I mean, come on. This is GOOD:

Photo: Lori Andrews

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