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I have lots of photos and a recap of our amazing NYC camp (shown above!), bonus special guests, stories of class-wide glasses-wearing, and number of champagne bottles consumed coming later in the week, but I wanted to get this camp news up quickly as some of it is time-sensitive. So, here goes:

1. There is one (1) spot left for DC camp. There used to be zero spots left, but one opened up yesterday. DC, by the way, is shaping up to be the biggest camp I've had, and bigger is better, right? I can't wait. So, go get that spot!

2. I still do not have a DC event space and the ones I've checked out have largely been unavailable. I am taking any and all suggestions for this -- and I'm willing to go outside DC proper. For instance, I hear Old Town Alexandria is lovely? HELP.

3. Camp locations for 2013 will be announced November 1. If your city isn't in the running poll-wise, now's your chance to throw your hat in the ring, as it were. I'll be choosing ten cities, and this time I'll pay more attention to the weather in said cities, CHICAGO IN DECEMBER.

4. Speaking of Chicago, how would y'all feel about Chicago as a mini-camp? The camp would run one weekend day from 10-5, cover the same material sans individual instruction, and cost $300. Here's a recap of my Portland mini-camp to refresh your memories of how awesome it was. I'm serious about this and need to make a decision soon, so please let me know how you feel on this matter. PS, mini-camp can accommodate more of you since I could theoretically hold one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

5. You look very pretty today.

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