How great is this? Vanessa, the inventor of these, rush-shipped it because she is awesome.

 Portland was my very first mini design camp. I did not know what to expect. I want to do it again.

We somehow crammed two days worth of information into one extended day (the fact that there was no individual instruction helped). It was a lot to take in, but these girls were quick studies.

I became best friends with Lia, the owner of the campsite studio and also the fabulous shop Ellinee, and I am so grateful that she was sweet enough to offer to let me mess up her impeccable studio for a day. (PS, don't miss her blog, it is awesome.)

Seriously, Portland. The birds.

After much learning, it was hands-on flower and photography fun times. I split the girls into two factions, and there was much competition over who would cut/arrange/style/photograph the best. One team ended up using baker's twine and washi tape as props, creating the most Portland-y twee vignette the world has ever known. It was amazing.

Goodie bag contents included such items as glow sticks and Slinkies, and the aforementioned tape/twine combo. Another big thanks to Katnawlins for the beautiful cards!

Some of the campers' Instagram photos from the day. See them all here. PS, how cute is Lia's dog? He was a mess.

In closing: I love mini camp, I love Portland, I love Lia, I love dogs, I love my intern Sarah (not pictured because she was BUSY), and I especially love everyone who came. Y'all are my favorite. See, I told you I said that after every camp.

I couldn't resist one more photo of Portland's coffee. And chocolate sprinkle donuts, OK!

Want to come to design camp and learn stuff? There are three left this year -- NYC, DC, and Chicago. Go get your spot!

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