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I'm just super busy today, y'all. I mean, nobody is as busy as I am. Why are you all so lazy when I am so busy?

Just kidding. I am not that busy. It actually drives me crazy when people say that. I am working on something for tomorrow, though, so today I'm sending you elsewhere. Go to here:

1. Tracy is real mean for putting this cake recipe up. Now I have to make this, and the other three things linked WITHIN THE POST. (Wings, carbs, booze.)

2. These Halloween costumes are allegedly for children, but I'm pretty sure I'll be dressing as Andy Warhol my own self. Wonder if that tiny wig would fit me?

3. I had a wave of instant nostalgia on seeing this kookooo -- I mean, "fly ass" -- manicure. Anybody know why? Are those old stickers or something? Also, I want to have that manicure.

4. Fall-esque weather is making me miss my No. 6 boots so much. If you will recall, I left them in a rental car last year while visiting Jamie Meares. I will have you again one day, boots! (Also check out No. 6's fall lookbook. It's good.)

5. These beautiful geometric ornaments have been in my Etsy favorites for a while but I never realized that IT IS A TEMPLATE. Reading comprehension so bad for me.

6. Camp Brand! As the owner of both Chao and Design Camp, I love it all. You best believe I bought that Happy Camper sweatshirt on the spot. Because I am one.

7. "What Would Miles Redd Do?," indeed. And now he has a book? He is my hero on seven different levels.

8. LATE ADDITION: 10 Celebrity Impressions No One Else Does. Topher Grace as Michael J. Fox is my favorite.

OK, that's all I got. See you on the flip.

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