No legit design camp is complete without table confetti, painted antlers, and neon string, amirite?


Hello, hello. I have returned from beautiful (and warm!) Washington, DC, where I held the penultimate camp of the year. It was sensational. More on that later, when I put together a full recap. If you want to read one now that is very funny, please see here. And now, a few camp notes:

1. There is ONE (1) (WUN) camp left in 2012! It is in Chicago. It will be cold. And fun. Sign up here!

2. Speaking of which, a Chicago location has been procured and confirmed! We will be having our fun-day mini-camp at this amazing studio in Chicago's Ukrainian Village neighborhood.

3. This weekend, I will be in Palm Springs at Camp Mighty, giving a little workshop on how design can change your life. Because it can. Anyway, I am so excited, and I can't wait to see you all there. You are all going to be there, right? I am also bringing a teenager with me. She doesn't care how design can change anything; she just can't wait to see the pool.

4. And finally, look for a post very soon wherein I reveal -- !!! -- next year's camp locations. We're going to blow 2013 wide open, y'all.

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