I have had many different kinds of short haircuts over the years, but somehow I always return to my first love, the pixie cut. So, naturally, I spent the last two years growing it out (mainly so that I could achieve the coveted design-blogger topknot) only to decide to cut it short again. And then to decide that that short haircut was just NOT ENOUGH. To wit:

I cut around six inches off a couple of weeks back, as seen below.


Since then, I've had it cut again twice, each time a little shorter and -- as my beauty operator Nichole says -- "choppier and slicier." So now I am thinking, "Well, if it's already this short, why not the pixie again?"

Let's be honest, this whole thing is basically Anne Hathaway's fault. How can she go on SNL looking like this, and not expect me to immediately follow suit?


The only question now is: which kind of pixie? The Anne, cropped in the back but slightly longer on top, for maximum styling potential? Or the super-short Rosemary's Baby style, most recently done great justice by Emma Watson?


Maybe something in between, like Michelle Williams circa that one Vogue cover a couple of years ago?


Or I could always just eff it all and go full-on crazy-ass SWINTON.


What do y'all think? Do you even have an opinion? Do you need more examples of the pixie? Are you concerned about the temperature of my head during the frigid Southern winter? Do you think I should do it myself right now with these kitchen scissors and a bottle of wine? Tell all.

AuthorAB Chao