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DC Camp: How can I describe its awesomeness? First of all, Tabula Rasa provided the incredible space. If you need to have an event in DC and you like all-white palettes and beautiful things and a stocked champagne refrigerator, this is your place. They even had overhead lights to match our mood (a sort of pinkish-purple, which is why all of my inside shots have a crazy white balance. I love it.)

Oh yeah, and the campers were pretty good, too.

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Pictured above foreground, left and right: Beth and Kristen, who had absolutely no business helping me as much as they did -- Kristen sent me a bazillion informational emails before camp that I could not have lived without, and Beth a) brought me a gift, b) helped clean up EVERYTHING, ALL OF THE TIME, and c) deposited me safely to my hotel one particularly boozy night. I'll say only that it involved sake oyster shots. Let us never speak of it again.

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InkKit sent some adorable gift packs for the girls. More on her great shop later. 

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The food was incredible, and all within spitting distance of our space: Pizza from Matchbox, homemade pop tarts from Ted's Bulletin, cupcakes from The Sweet Lobby, coffee from Firehook, banh mi from Pho 14, and random Japanese snack we found in a drawer. 

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If you look closely, you can see our Mimosa "Be Brave" necklaces, this time in RED. Love. Also, Amy's arm. I am certain she was explaining something life-changing.

Below: In between all the fun and food and good times, I like to teach stuff. Here, we're learning how to hang art properly. It's important, y'all.

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Before we got started on Sunday morning, Jennifer expressed a deep longing to learn to saber a bottle of champagne. Naturally, we obliged. You can't turn that kind of life lesson down.

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Flower arranging contest: ON. First I showed the class how to do it...

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Then I divided them up into two ridiculously competitive teams. Seriously, there was not even a prize for this and these ladies acted like it was the final challenge on Survivor.

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They're both so cute. Can you even tell who won? Hint: It was the team with the flower-eater.

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What is camp without awesome props and sponsors? Katey and Chris from The Society of Natural Industry sent a custom-painted string of lights that was so beautiful it is now hanging in my house. 

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I am no longer able to hold a camp without my stash of PomLove confetti. It just can't be done.

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I'd like to thank Mad and Vince Chao for sharpening ALL of those pencils, and Knot & Bow for the cute twine I tied them together with.

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I spray-painted some antlers before camp and brought them with me in my luggage. Don't ask me how, because it is a secret.

Antler styling: me. Neon string, Mason jar, and flower styling: Amy, who is craftier than she lets on; and Camille, my actual intern who was actually awesome in every way. In addition to being a delight to be around, Camille runs 50 miles a week with her rescue pit bull, and volunteers at a stable teaching disabled children to ride horses. So, she is obviously some sort of do-gooder alien sent here to make us feel inferior.

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Baggu bags, this time with foxes and alpacas! I think these are my favorite ones we've ever had.
When we got ready to take our group picture, something awesome happened. I'll just let these photos speak for themselves.
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I guess it's a good thing Beth likes dogs. Clearly that dog couldn't resist this adorable group.

And that was DC camp! I'm sure the girls will fill y'all in on anything I missed in the comments: they're a gregarious bunch. I love them. Thank you thank you thank you for being a part of this, ladies.

Anyone else want to come to camp? Well, you're in luck, because I'm going to tell you next year's cities TOMORROW. Whee!

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