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Friday: Items of Interest

1. Nicole from Making It Lovely was our surprise guest at Chicago Mini Camp! This sequence of photos is my favorite thing ever: Nicole is all sweetly explaining something, and I am over there looking like a fool. Anyway, Nicole was a delight as always, and answered many Chicago-related questions, and others besides. 

There's a great guide on Nicole's site about what to wear to Alt. She clearly included all those dotted items just to torment me; I mentioned during my Camp Mighty talk that I was totally over dots (even though I still wear them, because I am nothing if not contradictory), and Nicole teased me relentlessly about it in Chicago. I will never live it down. Death to the dot!

PS, the above photos were taken by Helen (known to campers as Janky G.), who wrote a sweet recap post about camp.

And now, let's do some Christmas shopping, shall we?


2. Speaking of campers, one of my NYC girls just opened an adorable shop called Hattan Home. She has some real cute stuff, and I am certain she is sending me one of those Harry Allen piggy banks as a Christmas gift. Go, Lindsay!

3. Emily's Clementine Store has some awesome stuff for the holidays, and she is putting together the best gift guides, all of which items are available in her shop. Emily is yet ANOTHER camper, and I obviously have the best job in the world to be able to connect with all of these good people.

4. Surely you know of the great Jamie Meares, yes? She is running a Christmas sale at her shop called 12 Days of Furbish, and I suggest you get yourself over there so you don't miss any hot Furbish action. Also, she has a really good Christmas mix on Spotify. Quit being so awesome, Jamie. THANKS.

5. In Louisiana-related news, please enjoy this story about former LSU basketball player Stanley Roberts' quest for a college diploma. I'm sorry about the crying you're about to do.

6. Y'all enjoy your weekends! I'm going to maybe finally do some holiday decorating, and get ready for a super-quick last-minute trip on Monday. Be sweet, and don't get into the eggnog while I'm gone.

Reader Comments (3)

What is happening in AB's head in second picture:
"I invited this woman as a guest, and here she is taking over Chao Camp, people are engaged, one woman is laughing...who does this NIcole think she is?!...certainly not a Chao. Reclaim Chao Camp!!!"

HA! Great photos and great haircut!
December 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAubrey Bray
Oh, thank you! What a treat to visit and see my own photo. I love my many makers of things, these Clementine gift guides are so much fun to make. (+ Lindsey's gold pig is on my xmas list. I hope he secretly arrives in Vermont soon). Merry merry!
December 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterEmily
Ha! That series of photos is pretty much the best.
December 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNicole

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