Ladies and gentlemen (oh, let's face it, just ladies), please take note of the following:

1. Salt Lake City Mini Camp is coming up quick! In exactly one month, actually. Don't you think you should treat yourself to a post-Christmas present of crazy-amazing times and a head-spinning amount of design-related learning? And also a lot of hyphenated words? You should. You deserve it after putting up all those decorations and so successfully avoiding that fight about politics with your dad. Camp will be held at the home of one Heather Armstrong, which will be super fun because we are SO going to trash the place. Sign your cute self up now!

2. Next up, in February, we have Los Angeles. Oh, Los Angeles, how I have missed you. Apparently there is also a new baby there or something. NO BIG DEAL. I will be staying in L.A. for a couple of extra days (see above, re: baby), so if your name is Greg Berlanti, or you have ever worked for or been in the same room as Greg Berlanti, let's have lunch, please. Thank you for your cooperation. No location has been secured for L.A. as of yet, but I am working on it and will let you know when I have found the perfect spot. Sign up here!

3. I wanted to get you a Christmas gift, but I couldn't figure out how to ship all those ponies. In lieu of that, ALL CAMPS are 20% off until the new year. Just a little gift from me to you. Use the code PONIES at checkout. Yay! Hooray! Happy holidays!

AuthorAB Chao
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