I've been practicing my moody, haphazard floral design/photography. It is HARD, y'all. (Inspired by Ariel Dearie, a New Orleans native, natch.)

Thank you all for the Camp excitement! That makes me so happy. A few of you have written in with questions, which I will answer below. And if you have more questions, email or ask in the comments.

Q: When is [city] Camp going to be?

A: Well, here's the thing. Nothing has been scheduled in any city besides New Orleans. That is for a couple of reasons: a) I've been secretly offering the New Orleans class to locals for a while, so it was very easy to fill (there are a few spots left!), but b) I had no idea if anyone elsewhere would be interested. So if you think you might be even the tiniest bit into going, email me (and it would be super-helpful if you put the city name in the subject line) or tell me in the comments so I can get a feel for the most popular cities and can schedule accordingly. Also, if you would like Design Camp to come to your city, tell me that in the comments too!

Q: Can inexperienced designers attend?

A: YES. This is for people of all skill levels, but most especially for those of you who have no idea what to do or where to begin. Because that is what I am going to show you. And it will be super fun. Also there will be cupcakes.

Q: What all will we learn at Design Camp?

A: Girl, so much. Here is the list I've got in my current syllabus (Syllabus! HAHAHAHAAAAAA.):

Basic principles and elements of design
Starting from scratch
Using and repurposing existing items
Common mistakes (DEWITs)
Putting it all together (DEWINNIT)
Styling it all up
Basic flower arranging*
Shooting interiors

Paint and wall coverings
Window treatments
Furniture and rugs
Q & A

Q: Do I need to reserve all day on both days for this?

A: No, each day should run from morning until about mid-afternoon, with breaks for lunch and snacks. So you still have time to go home afterward, catch a disco nap, and get dressed to go out on Saturday night. I assume that's why you asked.

Q: Is there any way to schedule a one-on-one session or in-home consultation?

A: Yes, I am offering both to Camp attendees, at a discounted rate (Attendees will also receive a discount on all decorating services). These will be scheduled before and/or after Camp hours.

Q: Is everything going to be awesome?

A: Yes.


*Not like craziness in above photo, unless you're into that sort of thing.

AuthorAB Chao