Austin! Dewit Design Camp! Queso! That all happened last weekend. It was magical.

We held Camp in my sweet friend Meredith's studio, basically the most perfect setting ever to have a design camp, what with all the talent and beauty infusing the place.

My favorite thing about Camp is the collaborative nature of the whole thing. We learn so much design stuff the first day it is practically oozing out of ears by afternoon, and then the second day we get to apply that knowledge -- together! -- to everyone's own houses. By "we," I mean "you." And that collaborative spirit was never more evident in Austin, where we nearly had to go into overtime due to excessive ideas and chatter. And that was with only HALF ATTENDANCE, y'all. So much fun. Also, champagne.

What? You don't have jacks and Slinkys at your camp?

Who has the cutest campers? ME. This was right before we trashed Meredith's studio and threw paint all over the walls in a design-induced frenzy.*

Thanks so much to Meredith for the use of her studio, and also to Studio Mucci for hooking me up with the flamazing tissue paper garlands so quickly. Thanks also to Miss Candi B. (pictured far left, being cute), the best intern/assistant/lifter-of-heavy-items ever.

Next up: San Francisco! Get ready.



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