This is how I picture Portland: a cute girl delivering cupcakes to me on a bike with a puppy in the basket.

Photo: Portland Sunshine

Portlanders! I've checked it all out, re-arranged my schedule, consulted my tarot cards, and the stars are aligning on your mini-camp. It is HAPPENING!

Here are the details:

When: Thursday, Sept. 20, 10 am - 5 pm.*
Where: TBA (and I need help with this so if you own a beautiful art studio that holds 15, CALL ME.)
What: You'll learn the same things the regular campers do! (What's missing: the day of individual instruction.)
Class Size: 15
Cost: $350
Misc: Tuition includes lunch, snacks, and one of those cute neon goodie bags.

Sign up HERE!

*I am sorry it's a weekday, but that was all I could wrangle in time. And if none of you sign up, I'll know it's because of that and not because you don't like me OR my camp OR my stupid hand gestures. Right?


Whee, I am so excited! Y'all! Cupcakes! Birds! Bikes! Let's do the damn thing.

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