Our air conditioner has broken. In August. In Louisiana. So I'm assuming you can guess how I'm feeling. No? Well, let me tell you: Hot. Mad. Hot. Sweaty. Hot. Full of rage. Hot. HAAAAAAAAATE. Also: hot.

Not only that, but the whole shebang has to be replaced. It will cost approximately eighty seven frillion dollars. Unrelated: Sign up for camp!

So today I'm making y'all do the work. Tell me a joke. Introduce yourself. Ask me a question. Tell me where you want the 2013 camps to be. Share your A/C blowout stories. I don't care, just entertain me, as Kurt C. once said. It's a comments free-for-all! This was pretty fun last time we did this.

I'll come back tomorrow with answers to all your burning questions. In the meantime: send ice.

PS. I'm hot.

AuthorAB Chao