Here is the part of Bathroom Week where I tell you where everything is from! It's gonna be a long one, so let's get started.

First, the big stuff: the tub is a 66" cast iron double-ended clawfoot tub (with white feet), from The sink is the Happy D Pedestal Sink from Duravit. The toilet is the Drake from Toto

I think I didn't tell you about the actual renovation yet, so let me fill you in: we did all of the work ourselves. Here is how scared we were to do all of the work ourselves: our friend Erik, a construction professional, had to come over and swing the first swing of the sledgehammer, so we wouldn't chicken out and abandon the whole thing. Aside from the electric and plumbing work (we're DIY, not DUMB), this bathroom was all us. OK, and Erik. We legally married Erik after this project was over. He is very Norwegian, and we needed a blonde in our crew.

The bathroom walls are now shiplap, same as almost every other wall in the house. I will have you know that I went through tile, then concrete, then expanded metal, then original wallpaper, then sheetrock before I arrived at this magical place of wooden planks. I used a crowbar, brute force, and a case of caulk to finish the project, and now I have good biceps.

As for the picture, well. I took a picture of Madeleine a hundred years ago, when she was not a SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL, and then CanvasPeople made it into a gorgeous canvas (for zero dollars!). Thanks, CanvasPeople! You are awesome.

The curtain rod is from West Elm. The curtains are from a place called Country Curtains, and I'll not hear any kind of scoffing: these babies are 100% hemstitched cotton, great quality, and adorable. Oh, and they are practically FREE.

The towels are from Bath Style.

The mirror is from Pottery Barn.

Many of you have asked where we put our stuff now that there are no more counters. Please see above: Vince and I each have our own baskets inside one of the two original cabinets (both left intact). There's also a basket for miscellaneous items like cotton balls and toothbrush chargers. My hair dryer and curling iron live in a basket behind the tub near where I plug them in. Our towels are on the shelf above the baskets, and cleaning supplies/medications/first aid are on the shelf above that. Beach towels and things we don't use often are in the cabinet above this cabinet. (They go all the way to the ceiling.)

All baskets from Walmart.

 The cute sconces over the sink are from West Elm, and are tres affordable at $49 per. The mirror is borrowed from my friend Nichole. The wallpaper is Nina Campbell "Perroquet," available to the trade.

The floor is center-match heart pine, laid on the diagonal, and stained with a custom combination of Minwax: 1 part Provincial + 2 parts Dark Walnut. Props to Kyle "Baby" Snellenberger for his assistance in this matter.

Shelf info: I found a piece of wood by the railroad tracks near downtown Monroe. Some nice men put it into my car. I cut, stained, and polyurethaned part of it, and Vince Chao floated it on the wall with a lot of dowels and some magic. I recently decided I need some smaller shelves near the sink to hold more things, so that is our next project.

The bath faucet is Cheviot, and for those of you who are worried that there is no shower or shower curtain, I must confess something: Like a lady from the past, I DO NOT TAKE SHOWERS. It's true, AB Chao takes only baths. The faucet does have a hand shower, and our other bathroom has more shower than you could ever want. We also have a pretty awesome outdoor shower, so I'm confident we're covered on the shower front.

The sink faucet is Moen.

The shelf over the bathtub is another piece of found wood that I sanded, stained, polyurethaned, and applied felt strips to the bottom of. (Sorry about that sentence.)

I do not like toilet paper holders. We keep our toilet paper in a giant copper pot, which I accidentally stole from my mother.

A yellow Tolix stool holds a vase with branches and a tray with important jewelry.

I cannot imagine what else you could ask, but if you have a question, put it in the comments!


All photos: AB Chao, except second photo (of curtains): Ben Corda

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