Portlanders, friends, and countrymen! I have a special announcement for you. Yes, YOU.

Due to y'all's excellent communication skills, I am realizing that many of you are having to take off work to attend my Thursday mini-camp on Sept 20. Also, I must confess to you that this spur-of-the-moment thing has meant that I don't have as many campers signed up as I had hoped. ALSO, I would love to hold more camps in a one-day format (which would mean I could accommodate more of you in fewer days, hooray!), but this is my first time doing it, so y'all are basically guinea pigs. But extra cute ones. (FEAR NOT: it is still going to be awesome.)

So, taking all of that into account, and also just because I am feeling fabulous after Bathroom Week, I am knocking $100 off the price of the camp. Yes! I know! I am real excited, and I can't wait to see your beautiful faces there, so let's make it happen! A hundred dollars! Exclamation points!!!

Sign up here. You can still pay the deposit and bring the rest to camp, or you can just do the whole shebang right now. There are options!

Also, champagne cocktails. And this beautiful studio. And SO MUCH learnin'. GO!

AuthorAB Chao
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