Lovers, I am currently in the weeds getting ready for this weekend's Seattle camp and next week's Portland camp, and also preparing tomorrow's hilarious/awesome giveaway post, but I need you to do me a favor by participating in this poll. It is a poll to help me decide where to go to camp next year! I am hoping to do one a month as I have this year, but I'm thinking some of them will be regular camps (2 days) and some of them will be mini-camps (1 day). I've tried to list cities I haven't visited before, but if you have another vote, please let me know in the "Other" category.

THURSDAY MORNING UPDATE: Y'all are about to kill me with the "Other" responses, although I will definitely consider them all. But if you can, please try to choose from the list of cities. PLEEEEEZE? Thank you. I love that lipstick.

ANYWAY. With all that in mind, please help me figure out where to go. And if you have a bunch of friends who would be interested, send them this link and tell them to vote, too! Or re-tweet it or Facebook it or put it on Friendster, I don't care: just use your fave social media platform. I am an inquiring mind, and I need to know. (PS, some of these locations are not for real. Unless you WANT to have a design camp in Antarctica.)

If I receive a certain number of responses -- I don't know, 500? That seems like a pretty good challenge -- I promise to show you a video of my husband, Vince "Chairman" Chao, attempting to juggle ping-pong balls (A thing he is doing in this picture. Where are the ping-pong balls, you ask? WHO KNOWS.)

This is funny because Vince Chao is pretty much immediately excellent at everything he tries. And I do mean everything. In fact, in over twelve years of marriage, the only things I've found he cannot do reliably are: 1) Say any word in the French language, and 2) juggle. It's actually kind of mind-boggling. Anyway, you will be rewarded with this video, and it will make you laugh, a lot. But first: the poll.

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