Hello! I am still in Seattle, coming off an INCREDIBLE weekend of design camp goodness. I'll have a recap for you later in the week, but meanwhile, you can check out the cute Instagram photos we put up over the weekend with our #designcampseattle hashtag.

And now, please enjoy the poll results from last week.

You people and your write-in responses, I swear. No, I am just kidding -- it was actually super-helpful. Other popular cities included Albuquerque, Detroit/Ann Arbor, Denver (by FAR the biggest number of write-ins), Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, Philadelphia, and Toronto!

Based on the poll, though, it looks like I'll definitely be going to Boston, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Vancouver, hooray! I would love, LOVE to do a Europe trip (London and Berlin), but I am not sure if that's in the cards quite yet. We shall see! 

Thanks to all of you who voted, and I can't wait to have camp in your city next year, maybe! (Hee.)

PS, there is one spot left for Portland mini-camp on Thursday. Perhaps you would like to have that spot for yourself? Go get it!

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