Tomorrow is my very first mini-camp! In Portland! I am very excited. So how about a little camp-related roundup, all in fall colors? Let's do this.

1. It's a little chilly in Portland right now. Like, at least 60. You might need a jacket!

2. There's an interiors photography lesson at the end of class, so you'll need a cute Epiphanie bag to hold your camera (even if that camera is an iPhone!).

3. "Be Brave" is the first thing we learn at camp. It's real important.

4. A scarf: for your neck if it's cold; for your head if you're feeling jaunty. This vintage Vera scarf is perfect for fall!

5. We don't do a lot of walking, so here's your chance to wear your best -- as Oprah calls them -- sitting shoes.

6. Optional: Bike. It IS Portland, after all.

AuthorAB Chao