I am kind of real nervous about this mini-camp, y'all. There is no reason for it but general anxiety, I guess; I have done the thing enough to recite it by heart. I just want the one-day camp to be as good/fun/useful as the two-day camp, and I have to fit it all into one day and I can't stop messing with the presentation and the notes and the schedule and basically going full-on HOMELAND-WHO-IS-THE-TERRORIST-WALL-CHART-CLAIRE-DANES-UGLY-CRY. 

Anyway. By the time you read this, camp will have started, so I'm probably doing just fine. Unless something terrible is happening, in which case: send help. And by help I mean bourbon. And hugs. And a shock therapy machine.

This has been Feelings And Emotions With AB Chao. I hope you have enjoyed today's episode.

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