Every time I have a design camp, I tell the class that they are my favorite class I've ever had. And it's true; my favorite class is always the most recent. This year's Seattle camp -- and oh, yes, I will be going back -- is no exception.

FIRST OF ALL: We had camp at The Pantry at Delancey, in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle (I'm, like, a native now.). Located behind the equally amazing Delancey restaurant, The Pantry is a beautiful, light-filled space with a full kitchen, where cooking classes are often held.  

I am happy to say that they also allow other kinds of classes there, because I cannot imagine a better place in Seattle to have a design camp.

Full kitchen bonus: real cups and saucers for our morning coffee.

Also, an herb garden outside. I was in Seattle last year at this time, and I still couldn't believe that the flowers/herbs/etc were still going! My herbs went to seed ages ago, and I do not even want to talk about the sad shape my flowers are in.

My campers have an astounding array of cute bags.

AB Chao has an astounding array of things she likes to stand on to take pictures. Megan was so worried I was going to fall that she almost couldn't take this photo. Somehow, we both survived.

I had so many sweet offers for goodie bag contents this time around.  Katie at katnawlins sent these gorgeous Laissez Les cards (the rest is just lagniappe, y'all.). I nearly hoarded them all for myself, but I practiced restraint and handed them out. Aren't they fabulous?

PomLove sent -- nay, rush made and shipped -- the tassel garland and gold confetti.

Camp itself was great, as always -- the first day we concentrated on a bunch of learnin', and the second day we applied that learning to each other's actual houses. Also, we arranged flowers and then took pictures of them.

And then, as ever, we drank champagne.

A super special and heartfelt thanks to The Pantry at Delancey, who not only extended to me their space for two long days, but also Paige, pictured below left. Oh, you don't know Paige? She's only the most amazing thing to hit Seattle since beer-boiled pretzels. Paige made my job so easy it was like I was actually on vacation. AT MY JOB.

Another super special thanks needs to go out to Megan "American Spirit" Reardon, my Seattle taxi and iced-coffee-provider; and to Jessica, my intern and now friend, who somehow doesn't have a blog. GET A BLOG, JESSICA.

Oh, also! Thanks to Picnic for the lunches, which were so good I'm still talking about them days later. Piquillo peppers + brie + arugula, WHAT?

My cute group. PS, one of these girls had a baby the next day. It's true! Babies like to stay inside for camp.

And now, a few more instagrams from the weekend.


The bottom two photos are from Essex, Delancey's new bar. We went there after camp both days. If you go there, order the Queen Mary and don't regret it for a minute.

Next up: Portland!

All photos: AB Chao and Megan Reardon

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