Hello! It is Friday! This week has been all about design camp prep: packing, taking inventory, re-ordering things, tweaking my slide presentation, etc. I can't believe that, one week from now, I'll be in Seattle teaching a design camp -- and then in Portland teaching a mini-camp the week after that! Ah, time. It passes.

One of the things we do at camp is talk about how to change/improve each person's own space, and everyone really gets into it, because it is inspiring and FUN. Today we are going to do that on the blog. I'm asking for submissions for TODAY ONLY. You must submit a photo of your space -- it can be a room, or part of a room, a bookshelf, whatever you need help with -- and answer these questions:

1. What is the PURPOSE of the space?

2. What are your most pressing NEEDS for the space?

3. What would you like the MOOD of the space to be? 

Email these to me at hello at abchao dot com. I will choose one submission to post next week, with lots of fun advice included.

AND: In honor of NY Fashion Week and all their fun coupons and freebies, today I am giving away TWO SPOTS at any design camp. TWO! That is one + one. Arithmetic!

First, the submission I post next week will receive a giveaway spot at any camp. (That means it will cost FREE DOLLARS.) All submissions will be considered, and may be used for a later project, so don't be discouraged if yours is not picked! 

In addition, for today only, leave a comment answering this question: 


A winner will be chosen using that random.org thing, and that person will snag the second giveaway spot.

AND FINALLY: Use coupon code CAMPWEEK10 to receive 10% off at the camp signup page. Today only. UPDATE: Through the weekend!

Whee! Y'all, this is so exciting! I can't wait to see what happens next.

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