J. Crew Fatigue Jacket / J. Crew Denim Jacket / Penfield Stapleton Vest / American Giant Hoodie / J. Crew Ludlow Sportcoat / Lands' End Chambray Shirt

A while back, my delightful friend Erik asked me to do a roundup especially for guys, since he is interested in looking good, but is somewhat sartorially challenged. So naturally, it took me three months to get to it. I'm going to post several roundups regarding dudes and what I like to see on them, so pay attention, guys who read this site. Yes, all three of you.

First up: Outerwear! I find if you have just a couple of these essentials, you can mix, match, dress them up or down, wear them together or alone, or any which way but loose. My personal fave is the high-low mix of chambray shirt or denim jacket + sport coat. Is that what they call them these days? Is the word "blazer"? I am eighty-seven years old.

Anyway: Enjoy! More to come soon. And, Erik: You are welcome and I take payment in the form of Bulleit bourbon. THANKS.

AuthorAB Chao