What is up, people of the vast and illustrious world-wide web? I mean, you’re world-wide. There’s probably a lot going on. AB Chao, for example, has various things happening and can’t be blogging for a minute. She’s out DOING. Let’s face it, she’s dewing. You’re at your house like, “I think I’m going to get up and go do that thing that I have been thinking of doing,” and you go to do it and it’s done. Because AB did it while you weren’t looking. You’ve been planning to put scented drawer liners in your linen closet for three years. Go check it right now – she’s already done it, and you owe her time-and-a-half, because she did it on a Sunday while you were supposed to be at church but were actually sleeping off a slangover. (A slangover is when you go out on Halloween dressed as, let’s say, a Sexy Supreme Court Justice, and you’re having a beer that’s actually 13 beers and you think “I am going to be really hungover, tomorrow” but you’re old now so it’s so much worse than that – you’re SLUNGover.) You can’t even get up to let AB in your house to do everything that needs doing, so she has to come creepin’ down your stovepipe. Do people even have stovepipes anymore? I don’t know, but she’s coming down it, and she’s wearing a stovepipe hat and stovepipe jeans, and now you have to go out and buy those things to wear because she makes them look so good. Here is your new wardrobe:



I’m silly, but a lot of people I know, AB included, really are busy with just… DIFFICULTY, man. I guess that’s true every day, everywhere. Maybe with you, too. Hard times. They appear to be upon those near and dear to me on a serious level right now. Upheaval everywhere. Friends facing illness; loved ones experiencing heavy losses; compatriots in crises all around. And, while I try to inject some levity with my $2k Chimney Chic stylings (and, be aware that I almost made you go out and buy stovepipe trousers that included a peplum, but instead showed mercy), 2013 has been, if you can stand a major understatement, NOT GREAT for my crew. It’s a rough time and all I can do is rally, long distance. So, as we move through this month of gratitude prior to the annual time of renewal (I sound like a Wiccan, but y’all know what I mean), I want so badly for the good times to roll again. I want my people on solid ground. Yes, I pray for the, I don’t know, serenity to look back and be thankful for whatever but, Lord, help us get on the road to whatever’s next. And let it be good. Because we all need good.

I once wrote a song, in AB’s dining room, about a house on fire. I needed to write it, literally and metaphorically, because I had been through hard times and was coming out the other side. I struggled with feeling and showing gratitude. I struggled with believing that newness would come, but it did, because it does. We’ve got two months left in this dumbass year. If we’re using them to prep for 2014, how best to get started? Do we all need to go on a master cleanse of some kind? Do those work? I used to be so good at drawing the Hard Times Recovery Roadmap. I’m obviously not, anymore. So, in lieu of knowing The Right Thing to say; instead of providing The Perfect Solution; and forgoing the urge to leap in and fix everything with some kind of Take Care of Yourself List, let me offer this, just in case you are going through some BS.

Your house is on fire. Let it burn. You will be reduced. You will have less. You will suffer pain. But, fires consume and then they burn out. Every day, keep running, until you get out of the house. You will rise up. You’ll be covered with ashes. And you’ll stylishly sweep them away.
AuthorAB Chao