Yo, what's up, Internet? It's Monday. I have some camp notes. Let's get to it:

1. Last week, after Alt, I held a mini design camp in Salt Lake City at a nice person's house. It was so much fun -- a small, funny, sweet group of ladies attended, and there were many fun times and drinking of champagne and learning of things. Also: RIBS.

Heather's friend Kate -- along with her adorable husband -- fixed us the most amazing lunch of ribs, macaroni & cheese, and salad. Oh, and some kind of crazy double chocolate chocolate chip (with a side of chocolate) cookies. Thank you so much, Kate! I hope to one day return the favor, in the form of a pony, or a big box of money, or maybe a BRAND NEW CAR.

Campers + Chuck + Coco = LOVE 4 EVER. Photo by Intern Beth.

Another huge thanks to Heather, Tyrant, and Intern Beth + Zac Efron.

2. Los Angeles is this weekend, what what! And I want you all to be there. Would you like to be there? Would you like 15% off? Then please accept this coupon code: DCLA15. Thank you. I accept you.

3. Due to circumstances beyond my control, Dallas has been put on hold until further notice. It IS happening -- it's just not happening on March 2. Please accept my deepest apologies, and watch this space for updates.

4. Thank you to everyone who has signed up for camp this year! I am so excited about you. And, hey, Denver, Boston, and Minneapolis: see you SO SOON!

5. Speaking of those three cities, I am still working out details and scouting spaces. Can you help? Do you want to intern? Would you like to work together to promote your company + make camp pretty? Get at me.

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