Oh, my LA girls, how I miss you. It's been over a month and I can still see your shining faces.

We had camp in North Hollywood, at the offices of Click Communications, which is basically the cutest office space ever. And North Hollywood! You impressed me. I had no idea.

The sweet people at Illume sent over these beautiful Boho Candles from their new collection. That was the best-smelling camp I've ever held, and I will tell you that for free. I am kind of in love with all of them, but Desert Tulip and I have a special connection.

I also bought the cutest birch paper straws for our drinks. Paper straws are terrible for iced coffees, but no one cared because they were high on candle wax.

"Dude. I'm so high right now. Yo, pass me another straw."

My lovely intern Erin owns a textile + home goods company called Cotton and Flax. Along with being awesome, she brought these beautiful postcards she designed. She brought four different designs, and there may have been some fighting.

I switched it up this time and took a break from my good old Baggu bags. These cutie Eames rocker totes were made locally in LA by Daisy-Alexandra and David of Feeding Birds Boutique. Those two could not have been more pleasant to work with, and I'm excited to use their company again for future camps.

Someone brought mustache stickers. That + mimosas = inevitable silliness. 

None of these ladies is paying attention, because they are all drunk on candles, straws, and mustache stickers.

Erin of the postcard wars. 

An entire wall of the space was made of whiteboard, which made for some good breaktime fun. Check out Super Chao up there. I think she's pretty accurate.

Since it was Mardi Gras weekend, I brought beads from home to toss at the class. We also had my favorite king cakes of all time delivered from Sucré in NOLA. I don't remember who got the baby, but I do remember that they were very confused.

Pimm's Cups! Another special Louisiana thing in honor of Mardi Gras.

My sweet LA ladies, looking cute.

And then you know we had to flash that LA gang sign.


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