Image: Shanna Murray

Congratulations to our Clementine Be Brave giveaway winner, Driver B! Reading all of your comments about the brave things you've all done lately made my heart grow twenty-seven sizes. Also, I may have cried a little. Here's just a sampling of what you awesome people have been up to:

  • Entered a recipe contest
  • Went back to school
  • Sent a spouse back to school
  • Started a non-profit
  • Went kite-surfing
  • Took on a first decorating client
  • Braved Korean spa naked activities
  • Stood up for your feelings
  • Asked for a raise 
  • Started a relationship
  • Ended a relationship
  • Volunteered for public speaking
  • Started training for a triathlon
  • Quit an unsatisfying job
  • Quit an unsatisfying job
  • Quit an unsatisfying job

How great is that? And that is not even all of them. I am so proud of y'all.

In my own ongoing quest to be brave, today I am celebrating 50 booze-free days, WHAT? I was a little afraid of the holiday weekend -- which included the 4th of July AND a wedding -- but it was all just fine. I mean, I may have been forced to shove eighteen lobster rolls down my face in lieu of picking up that glass of champagne, but you know, whatever works. Also, yesterday I did Steve Ross for the first time since I attended his class in person. That's not really very brave, but it hurts a lot. 

I'm also trying to work up the courage to ask for an apprenticeship under one of my favorite decorators ever, because it is high time for me to get some more learning. I don't even know where to begin. "Hi, please like me. I can make things pretty." That's all I have so far. I'm taking suggestions if you have them.