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Your Thursday Headless Photo

Taken in NYC, at camp, by my intrepid assistant Beckie. And speaking of NYC camp, I owe you a recap. Stay tuned.

Also, I'm pretty sure I was texting you here.


Your Tuesday Headless Photo: Sadness Edition

The person with me here is Ben, who's been behind the camera for only a couple of months now. And he has not only been an amazing photographer for me and for this site, but he has also become a friend to our entire family. So it is a bittersweet thing that we must see him off this week to start a great new adventure in the wilds of Tennessee. I insisted he be in at least one shot before he left, so this is it. Please enjoy our matching outfits. And if you see Ben up there in TN, tell him we miss him.

Photo: Ben Corda (snif!)


Your Tuesday Headless Photo

Dress / Scarf (similar) / Shoes

Ah, fall in the south: sleeveless + sandals + scarf. Because it might get below 70! I wore this outfit to last week's Mini Design Camp in Portland. It was funny because the loft owner, the intern, and I were all dressed in the same green/black combo. Although I think my dress might be green/navy. Anyway. It was cute.

Here's to leaves and, eventually, sleeves!

Photo: Ben Corda


In Which I Experience Self-Doubt, A Human Emotion

I am kind of real nervous about this mini-camp, y'all. There is no reason for it but general anxiety, I guess; I have done the thing enough to recite it by heart. I just want the one-day camp to be as good/fun/useful as the two-day camp, and I have to fit it all into one day and I can't stop messing with the presentation and the notes and the schedule and basically going full-on HOMELAND-WHO-IS-THE-TERRORIST-WALL-CHART-CLAIRE-DANES-UGLY-CRY. 

Anyway. By the time you read this, camp will have started, so I'm probably doing just fine. Unless something terrible is happening, in which case: send help. And by help I mean bourbon. And hugs. And a shock therapy machine.

This has been Feelings And Emotions With AB Chao. I hope you have enjoyed today's episode.


Your Tuesday Headless Photo

Don't we all wish we were doing this right now?

Today I head to Portland, for the first time! Any dinner recommendations? I like all types of things but especially things I wouldn't be able to get in Louisiana.

I'm also taking the train there from Seattle, so if you see a girl with way too many heavy bags full of camp supplies, that's my assistant. JUST KIDDING IT'S ME.

Photo: Ben Corda