A few weeks ago, I asked y'all to participate in a poll that would help me determine where to have camp in 2013. And I promised you that, if I received at least 500 responses -- which I did! -- your reward would be a video of my husband, Vince Chao, juggling. And by "juggling," I mean, "'juggling.'" Because he cannot.

Vince, as some of you may know, is good at many things. Juggling is not one of them. What he is good at is being really cute and funny and a good sport. He is also good at music, which he wrote for this video. Please enjoy our first video production, and if you are laughing too hard at work, I find it helps to go under your desk.


PS, he is juggling a variety of items, each supposedly decreasing in difficulty: ping-pong balls; lemons; washi tape; wool socks.

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