I was sitting here about to update tonight when the news of Steve Jobs's death broke on Twitter, so instead of writing something silly about all the things I love that are pink, I'll just tell y'all how Steve, and Apple, have changed my life.

I wasn't an early adopter of Apple. My parents didn't know anything about computers and we never really had them in the house (although my husband, a true stereotypical Asian, obviously had like the very first Mac). But my very first Apple computer looked like this --

-- which I bought in 1999, and with which I taught myself HTML and Photoshop. Which helped me to start a blog, ten years ago. Which helped me to launch a successful writing career, and now a business. Which leads me to this moment: typing this entry on a MacBook, creating designs on my iMac every day. Now, I am sure I could have done all of those things with other computers, but I know none of it would have been done using machines that were made like Apple made them. So thank you, Steve. I am so grateful for the work you did, and so grateful for the work you've made possible for me and so many friends, colleagues, and strangers.

Think different, y'all.

AuthorAB Chao
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