Chao Nation! Welcome to your first installment of Dewit, where I tell you how to do things, and the right way to do them. We're going to start with one of my worst peeves, which is bed-making. Many people do not know how to make a bed, and although they do not know it, it affects their quality of life. By "they," I mean "you." So listen here.

All pics from Ugly House Photos

Here are some examples of how not to make one's bed. The pictures above illustrate one of the most common mistakes people make -- pulling the comforter all the way up over the pillows, which a) is silly, and b) appears as if you may be trying to hide a dead body. No! Do not do this. First of all, your bed should be just as decorated as anything else in your house. And secondly, there are much better methods out there. Let's look at some examples of beds done right.

Nick Olsen via House Beautiful

My beloved Nick knows what's up. Do you see how crisp and clean his linens look? That is because someone IRONED them. Oh, you don't have time to iron your sheets? Well, that's weird, you sure have time to watch Bravo. Make it happen, y'all.

via Miles Redd

Here's another version of awesome bed-making. The sheets are tucked under, the duvet is folded in half (or thirds) at the end of the bed, and a couple of fabulous pillows + a throw blanket have been added. Again, everything is clean, crisp, and pressed. Except for that bed skirt. Get on it, Miles.

via Ryan Ford

Here is a great bed example. The matelasse blanket is pulled all the way up, yes, but the Euro shams and accent pillows are stacked vertically on the OUTSIDE of the coverlet. Where are the standard pillows you sleep on? I don't know. And I don't care.

via Leontine Linens

Nobody does it like Leontine. Here, they've folded the top sheet over the bed cover, and the Euros/accent pillows are once again on top of everything else. Learn it, live it, love it.

via Lonny

And here is my Platonic ideal of beds. Everything is perfectly ironed; the sheets are tucked in with hospital corners; the standard-sized pillows and shams are stacked (open pillow edges to the outside, please); the duvet is folded at the end of the bed; and there are two subtle accent pilllows to complete the scene. Yes. YES!

In sum, making your bed up right: DEWIT. The end.

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